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The cellar is the magical place for the grape transformation where a year of work in vineyards brings about a vintage. The hardest part is being done... but the essential is to be reached, the wine. These are great times because we did our best to get a perfect maturity by adapting sometimes to difficult climate conditions. It is up to us now to reach the best balance possible in our wines.

A large part of the vat room is made out of concrete, equipped with thermo regulators for vinification. We also have at disposal vats out of enamelled steel for storage, others out of stainless steel for white wine as well as an oval aging storehouse and oak puncheons.

Red and white grapes are all manually picked and sorted out the first time on the trunk, the grape-pickers having two buckets. A second grapes sorting is done on the tractor platform, which brings them to the cellar. Then a classical vinification work takes place. However nothing is left to chance: temperatures are being checked, fermentation musts are being raised in order to give enough air to yeasts, pomaces are being punched in order to extract all the available matter…. Pressing in pneumatic presses …all traditional processes, but they must be done at the right time.

Blending and aging are processes, which need patience and precision. We will reveal some aspects of them in our technical index.

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